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Cindy / Bright Star Bride

Cindy Bride doll by HorsmanHorsman's Cindy Bride was advertised at Christmas, 1956, as Bright Star Bride Doll. It is unknown whether this was Horsman's name or just something a distributor came up with to differentiate her from other Cindy dolls. She was available in a black version as well as the more common white doll.

Body Construction
18" Bright Star has a posable, stuffed vinyl body, jointed at neck, shoulders and elbows. She has sleep eyes with lashes, and curled rooted hair. Here is a photo of a nude doll to show the body construction. There is also a 21" Cindy Bride, with a rigid vinyl body (not the stuffed kind), jointed at shoulders and hips.

the 18" doll wears a satin and lace bridal gown with short puffed sleeves, silver lace overskirt. Lilies of the valley decorate her veil and make up her bouquet. She wears a crinoline petticoat, high heeled pumps and white hose. The 21" Bride wears a different style dress.

She's packaged in typical Cindy fashion, diagonally in a square box.

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