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Cutie Clothes (1958)

back_tn (4K)
Back of box
charm_tn (4K)
Little Charmer
lady_tn (4K)
Lady of Fashion

Before Hasbro actually began making dolls, they made a series of doll clothing kits called Cutie Clothes, designed to fit 8" and 10.5" dolls. These kits consist of fabric specially treated to prevent raveling, ribbon, pattern and instruction sheet specific to the kit, and general instruction booklet. The package proclaims "Just Snip-'n-Bow-'n//No Sewing" as if that were an easy way for children to assemble the outfit. In fact, threading all the pieces together with ribbon is rather complicated, and would require a lot of manual dexterity.

magic_tn (4K)
Magic Mist
prince_tn (4K)
Pink Princess
sleepy_tn (4K)
Sleepy Time Gal

There were twelve kits pictured on the back of the boxes. In addition to the eight shown, the others were Sun Time, Golden Girl, Wedding Belle and Winter Carnival.

sugar_tn (4K)
sweet_tn (4K)
vanity_tn (4K)
Vanity Fair

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