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Little Orphan Annie

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General description
Little Orphan Annie was a comic strip by Harold Gray that began in 1924 and ran for 44 years. The heroine was a little girl who had all types of adventures. In doll form, this compo version by Freundlich was sold as a set with her dog Sandy, who was all-composition and unjointed. There have been many other doll versions of Little Orphan Annie through the years, in bisque, vinyl and cloth.

Body Construction
Freundlich's Little Orphan Annie is all-composition, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. She has molded hair, painted yellow with black highlights, round painted blue eyes with large black pupils, and no eyelashes or eyebrows. She was made in 10", 12", 14" and possibly other sizes. The 10" version is pictured above. The 14" version looks somewhat different. You can see her on the main Freundlich page.

This doll is unmarked.

Little Orphan Annie wears her trademark red dress with white collar. Underneath she wears white one-piece underwear. On her feet are white cotton knit socks and black oilcloth shoes. The outfit is not very high quality and untagged.

Annie and Sandy were sold in a boxed set with a booklet.

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