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  1. I have 9 SSC dolls,none have ever been out of there boxes.All are 1980 first issue.all are for sale for a reasonable offer.
    Thank you

  2. I have a Raggedy Ann Doll that has the face of a Chatty Cathy doll. Have you ever heard or seen one of these. Thank you

  3. I have a Uneeda doll but can’t find any others the same. I always called her Pollyana but she doesn’t have the typical red and white check dress. She is 31″ and has a pale blue self flowered satin dress. She was brought for me in about 1960. I wondered if you had any information about her.

    • Lesley, They made other dolls in that same size. Does she have the smiling mouth with teeth like Pollyanna? They also made a version with a closed mouth which was sold with pink hair in a pink tutu as Princess (from Babes in Toyland) and as a bride doll. There is also Freckles, who has a different face (with freckles, of course) and was sold in regular dresses. Would love to see a photo of your doll (you can post it to my Facebook page).

  4. I have what I think is a Mary Ellen doll by Madame Alexander. She’s 31″ and had the same dress only in pink and the same shoes with the cut-out in them.
    Same face. The only thing different is that she is NOT a walker. Did they make them in a non-walker/

  5. I have an uneeda baby doll with yellow yarn hair and blue feet with a blue maid outfit I was wondering the name of the doll and what year it was from?

  6. I recently inherited several MA dolls. No boxes or tags, and pretty shabby after being in storage for 20 years. Can you recommend a site where I could get information on cleaning and caring for the dolls?

    • The Alexander Company’s website has a page on caring for your dolls, but it specifically says “Play & Baby Dolls.” I guess you aren’t meant to do anything to the collector dolls! has a page here with some good basic info. In general, I can tell you that most Alexander dolls have glued-on wigs, so you don’t want to get their heads too wet or the glue may dissolve. However, you can wipe down their hair with a damp cloth if needed, and soap and water won’t hurt their plastic bodies. Try not to get water inside the dolls as that can lead to mold problems. Your dolls stringing may be coming loose. This is not hard to fix. You can use small rubber bands or elastic cord made especially for the purpose. Search on eBay for doll stringing elastic, or go to A crochet or other hook will do the job. As far as future care goes, keep your dolls out of sunlight but not wrapped in plastic. A curio cabinet or other shelf where they are protected from dust is best.

  7. I have a 1961 Cissy doll in the tulle ballroom gown. Original box and her head/hair is in perfect condition. Gown is a little discolored from sitting in the box. Legs and arms need to be restrung. Hey she is 53…

    Who do I go to about seeing how to clean up her gown, etc. She has never been out of her box…

  8. I have two American Character 1956 Toni 10 inch dolls that I would like to get restored. Any suggestions?

    • Kitty, check out the Doll Doctors Association website. They have a Hospital Locator that can point you to a repair person in your area. Doll doctors have different specialties (just like people doctors!) so make sure the one you choose has experience doing the type of work you want done.

  9. I have a Tiny Tears Doll , in excellent shape.She even has some of her original clothes. Do you know of any vintage doll collector’s/dealers in the Washington DC area.Can’t seem to find any. If you are interested ,please reply

  10. I have just bought a doll which I would like help with identifying. I have never seen one like her before. She has what looks like an oilskin stuffed body, limbs which might be Plastex, and a composition head which looks too small for her body so I think it is not the original one. There are no identifying marks on the doll and she is in very good condition. Could you please tell me where I might go for help with this? Thankyou,

  11. Thanyou Zendelle. I would love to, but I am not on Facebook. Can I do it even though I am not? Or if you have an email address I could send them there, maybe? I have been studying her and think her head is not original as her limbs all seem to match. I have never seen a body like that before though!

  12. Hi,
    I just discovered the doll I have had since the early sixties has the markings DEE AN CEE on the base of the head. I would like to know when these were made and if I can get the cloth body redone
    Lyne Watts

  13. I have recently inherited an African-American tumbling tomboy doll with a car. She still works and is in great condition.Do you know what she would be worth? I have only found the blonde version everywhere I look.

    Paula Harris

  14. My doll has his moth open with 2 top teeth n to bottom n wearing the bears all in ome. Says Knickerbocker toys ltd. Any 1 nw if it worth anything x

  15. Hello. I stumbled across your page looking for information on Kenner Darci dolls. Do you happen to have the measurements of her feet ? I am trying to find either reproduction shoes for her (or if Gene doll shoes would fit ). Thank you in advance.
    Michelle Davis

    • I just tried some Gene shoes on a Darci, and they are too big. However, the vintage Jem dolls by Hasbro have feet that are almost identical to Darci’s, so if you can find some Jem shoes, they would probably work. Since there are a lot more Jem collectors than Darci collectors, they should be easier to find than original Darci shoes. Darci’s feet measure 1 3/8″ long and 1/2″ wide and are shaped for a medium heel.

  16. I have a scarecrow kids vintage 1981 doll. could be able to tell me how much she is worth? I had her since I was a child.

    • Unfortunately, Juanita, these dolls don’t seem to have much value at all (I saw one mint in the box on eBay that sold for 99 cents plus shipping.) It’s too bad because they are very cute IMO! So, enjoy her for the memories…

  17. Hello, I have my Mother’s 24″ :Petite Doll. She has a cloth body with bisque face, arms and legs. Originally came with a blond wig of pin curls. Her eyes are blue and they close and open. She also has an open mouth with a voice box. She has an extensive collection of clothes including a velvet coat, a matching hat with a feather and several shoes. She even has her own Steamer Trunk for her clothing. I am having problems figuring out which model of Petite Doll she is exactly . She was purchased in Chicago between 1924 and 1929 (my best guess).

    Thank you .

    • Rebecca, as you may already know, “Petite” was a trade name used by the American Character Doll Co. beginning in 1923. For the remainder of the ’20s, they made baby, child and toddler dolls under the Petite banner, but most of the dolls did not have individual names. The girls were mostly just advertised as “Ma-Ma Dolls”. Some of the babies had character faces and names, such as Bottle Tot and Happy Tot. Since your doll originally had a wig, I’m guessing she is not a baby. In the 1930s, individual names were more widely used. I am including a scan from the 1928 Sears catalog so you can see the girl dolls advertised that year.
      Petite dolls by American Character from the 1928 Sears catalog.


  19. I am looking for a discontinued doll that came out several years ago. The name of the doll is Spring Anna So Truly Real by Michelle Fagan. Do you sell it or know of a source to find retired Ashton-Drake Dolls?

    • Susan, the best place to find retired Ashton Drake dolls is on eBay. If you do a search, and none come up, you can save your search and they will email you if one is listed.

  20. Thank you.

  21. I recently purchased what I thought was a Suzette Fashion doll. She has no markings. Did they ever make these dolls without markings? thanks

  22. I am looking for “Precious Expressions” dolls made by 1999 Uneeda Doll Co.Ltd. I purchased some at the Cracker Barrel restaurant between 1999 and 2002 but haven’t seen them in a while. Thanks..Vicki

  23. I am looking for the Vermont Maple syrup doll. Mine got lost or destroyed =(

  24. I am looking for an old baby laugh a lot doll by remco, if anyone is selling please can you email me

  25. I have a “Lovely Laurie” doll by Knickerbocker. Found her recently in a storage chest at my mother’s. What can you tell me about this doll? Do you know what year she was made and possible value? The doll is in good cindition and squeaks when you squeeze her. I don’t know if she originally made other sounds besides the squeak. Thank you.


  27. I have a grocery store doll that I have had for about 60 years. I always thought it was Cinderella. My Dad owned a grocery store. Her dress is in bad shape, she has slippers on, hair and face and eyes are in great shape. I have been keeping her for such a long time, now don’t know what to do with her. Don’t want to toss her out now that I know she has a name. Any suggestions. Thanks

    • Marj, If you would like to keep her but get her a new dress, there are many people on Ebay and Etsy who make doll clothes for all size dolls. If you don’t want to keep her, there are various options for selling her. Read my post “Selling a Doll Collection.” The information is the same whether you have one doll or a hundred.

  28. Looking for a Pretty Penny Chatterbox doll. Preferably one that doesn’t speak Spanish like the one on Ebay right now. There is another on ebay but in terrible condition. Please let me know if Ebay is the only place to find one

    • Tracy, you can save your search on eBay so that when another doll is listed, eBay will send you an email. That way you don’t have to keep checking every day. You should also check RubyLane and Etsy which are other good sites for purchasing dolls. Have you considered putting a “Wanted” ad on your local Craigslist site?

  29. I just found a 6″ vogue porcelain doll. I wash trying to find out any info about her but don’t know where to start. Can someone help me out. I can send pictures if need to.

  30. I am looking for a doll I had as a child and I cannot find it anywhere! She resembled a Chatty Cathy doll and had the speaker on her stomach like they did, but her face was different. She sang London Bridge and if I remember correctly turned her head and moved her arms and legs. I would love to have one like her but I have searched everywhere. She wore a pink dress with while polka dots and pink plastic dress. I have found only one picture on Google that looks like her but looks like her hair was cut. It doesn’t say what kind of doll it is though. If you by chance know of anything, it would be appreciated. I’m not sure the time frame it was made, but I had her and working in 1988.

    • Heather, in the late sixties Mattel made Singing Chatty, and London Bridge was one of the songs she sang. But I don’t think she moved. If you find the picture again, could you point me to it?

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