Dolls by Unknown Manufacturer

Betty Ann hard plastic doll

Hard plastic Betty Ann doll, manufacturer unknown. Photo courtesy of eBay seller dreamalong.

In this section, dolls whose origin is unknown or uncertain are pictured and described, in an effort to aid in their identification and the collector’s enjoyment of them.

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  2 Responses to “Dolls by Unknown Manufacturer”

  1. I have this doll I wanna find out how much I can get for it. I’m not sure where its from there is a code on the back of her head and just a made in Canada on get back

    • As to where it’s from, my guess would be….Canada? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. :) But since there have been hundreds of different dolls made in Canada over the years, I would need some more info in order to identify him or her. Can you post a photo on my Facebook page?