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UFDC 2010 Competitive Exhibits, page 3

The 61st annual convention of the United Federation of Doll Clubs was held in Chicago in July of 2010. At every convention there are competitive exhibits where attendees can enter dolls in both antique and modern categories. In Chicago there were over 200 different classifications and thousands of dolls were entered. Judges who are experts in each category award ribbons based on a points system. The UFDC conventions in general, and the competitive exhibits specifically, provide the best opportunity for collectors to learn about dolls. On these four pages are the entries of most interest to vintage collectors. I have tried to show all of the dolls entered in each classification, plus closeups of some of the blue and red ribbon winners. Enjoy!

On page one: Wooden - Bisque - Celluloid
On page two: Cloth - Art Dolls - Composition
On this page: Hard Plastic - Vinyl - Advertising
On page four: Celebrity - Comic Character - Native American - Paper Dolls

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Hard Plastic
_233all (7K) _233blue (3K) 233: Muffie, 8", by Nancy Ann Storybook. Body may or may not be marked. Straight leg, non-walker.
Muffies led the way in the hard plastic categories. Jill Sanders took home the blue for her sweet doll in pink.

_234all (8K) _234blue (3K) _234blue2 (4K) 234: Ginger, 8", by Cosmopolitan.
Sherri van Opignen and Barbara Kuznicki both took home blue ribbons for their Ginger dolls.

_235all1 (8K) _235all2 (7K) _235queens (7K) 235: Ginny, 8", straight-leg, non-walker, before 1970, sleep eyes.
The Ginny category was so large, judges decided to split sleep eye dolls and painted eye dolls into separate categories. In the sleep eye section, the two Ginny Queens took home blues for Ginny Giguere and Sandy Ilgen.

_235ball (8K) _235blue (3K) _235blue2 (3K) 235B: Ginny, 8", straight-leg, non-walker, before 1970, painted eyes.
In the painted eye group, Barbara Peterson's doll in red and white won a blue, as did the doll with the flowers in her hair.

_236all (7K) 236: Nancy Ann 'Style Show.'
Only two dolls were entered here, but both stunners. Robin Hochteil and Suzanne Swanton both took home blue ribbons.

_237all (2K) 237: Mary Hoyer Gigi, 18", marked, in tagged outfit.
Only one doll was entered in this category, so she could not be judged.

_238all2 (7K) _238all1 (8K) 238: Mary Hoyer, 14", marked, in tagged outfit.
Another popular category. Jean Schimmel's doll in the pink hula outfit, and Kari Gluski's doll in red took home blue ribbons.
_238blues (4K) _238red (3K) _238reds (4K)

_239all1 (10K) _239all2 (10K) 239: Arranbee (R&B) Nanette or Nancy Lee, any size.
This was a great opportunity for collectors to see these dolls in a variety of their original outfits. Barbara Peterson's doll in the green dots, and Sherri van Opijnen's girl in the unusual yellow gown won top honors.
_239blue (3K) _239blue2 (3K) _239red (3K) _239red2 (3K)

_240all (10K) _240blue (3K) _240red (3K) 240: Madame Alexander Lissy, excludes 'Little Women.'
Although there were two dolls entered wearing the checked coat outfit, Sherri van Opijnen's Lissy had her original wrist tag, and got the blue.

_241all (7K) _241blue (3K) _241blue2 (2K) 241: Madame Alexander Maggie face, 14", 1948-1953. Excludes 'Little Women.'
Suzanne Swanton's Peter Pan and Sherri van Opijnen's Alice in Wonderland each got a blue ribbon in this category.

_242all (15K) _242blues (5K) _242reds (5K) 242: Madame Alexander Margaret face, 14", 1948-1956. Excludes 'Little Women.'
Janice Sieplinga's doll in pink with her original wrist tags shared first place with Carolyn Allen's black Cynthia doll.

_243all (15K) _243blue (4K) _243blue2 (3K) _243blue3 (3K) 243: Madame Alexander, 8", bent-knee walker. Excludes 'Internationals,' 1956-1964.
Left to right: Marciann Madey, Caroline Larson and Sherri van Opijnen all took home blue ribbons for their dolls in this category.

_244all (5K) 244: Sasha by Gotz marked 'Sasha Serie,' Germany, 1964-1970.
Jane Ann Buchanan's Sasha was the top winner in this grouping of early Sashas.

_245all (13K) _245blue (2K) _245blue2 (2K) _245blue3 (2K) 245: Sasha by Frido-Trendon Ltd., England, 1965-1986. Excludes babies.
Left to right: Kristel Delp Tomlinson, Dorothy Gesford and Penny Poteet took home blue ribbons in this crowded field.

_247all (7K) 247: Ideal Shirley Temple, 15" only, with pin.
Rosemary Kontos' doll in an unusual outfit shared top honors with Monica Bartlett's Shirley who's dress is crispy mint.

_248all (8K) _248blue (2K) _248red (2K) _248red2 (2K) 248: Ideal Tammy, 12", 1962-66.
Caroline Larson won the blue ribbon for her doll in the Tee Time outfit with all its little accessories. The red ribbon winning doll in the phone booth case is a Grown Up Posin' Tammy. The Candy Striper outfit, which is one of the less common Tammy outfits, got a red ribbon as well.

_249all (12K) _249blue (3K) _249blue2 (3K) 249: Ideal Miss Revlon, 18-20".
There were three blue ribbon winners in this category: Karen Kurtz's boxed doll in the red outfit, Joan Schultz's in the pink eyelet dress, and Jill Sanders' doll wearing a pale blue Cherries a la Mode outfit, hiding in the back row. The red ribbon winning doll in the front and center, wearing the red dress, owned by Karla Moreland, is unusual. Her outfit is not an original one by Ideal, but was made by Dorothy McIntyre for the Marshall Field Store especially for the Revlon dolls.

_250all (12K) _250blue (3K) _250blue2 (3K) 250: Ideal Little Miss Revlon, 10.5".
Three more blue ribbons in the smaller size Revlon category were awarded to Sandy Ilgen doll in the aqua gingham dress, Karla Moreland's doll in the pink checks, and the doll in the boxed set.

_251all (13K) _251blues (4K) 251: American Character Toni, 10.5".
Ramona Sankovich won a blue ribbon here for her doll in the blue "Dinner Date" dress, as did Barbara Kuznicki's doll in the pink "Romance" gown and Rose Marie Souza's doll in the original box.

_252all (9K) _252blue (3K) _252blue2 (3K) _252blue3 (2K) 252: American Character Toni, 20".
Left to right: Antoinette Winder, Ramona Sankovich and Ursula Mertz took home blue ribbons in this category.

_253all (8K) _253blue (3K) _253blue2 (3K) 253: Madame Alexander Kelly face, 1958-1965.
Barbara Kuznicki's doll in blue, and Judy Heckert's doll in pink were the top winners here.

_254all (7K) _254blue (3K) _254red (3K) 254: Composition, wood or a combination of both.
The blue ribbon doll in this category is the rare 15" Hotpoint doll owned by Ursula Mertz. The red ribbon went to the RCA Radiotron "Sellin' Fool" doll which was designed by Maxfield Parrish. He is also a rare doll, and might have won a blue if in better condition. Both of these dolls have a wood segmented body and were made by Cameo as store display items. Buddy Lee and two Miss Curity dolls round out the category.

_255all (15K) _255blue (2K) _255blue2 (3K) 255: Cloth, excludes uncut dolls.
Several unusual dolls were entered in this category, but the two blue ribbons were awarded to the Hires Jinny doll, owned by Pamela Coghlan, and Carole Correll's Red Riding Hood Shoes doll. Both date to the early 20th century.

_256all (9K) _256blue (3K) 256: Hard plastic, excludes Toni.
The blue ribbon winner here was Linda Cantwell's Tintair Honey doll made by Effanbee. She is in mint, all original condition with her box. There were two Little Miss Addie dolls entered, but the red ribbon went to the doll who still has her original fur stole. She promoted Ad Dishwasher Detergent in 1957.

_257all (6K) _257blue (3K) _257blue2 (4K) 257: Vinyl, excludes Toni or Revlon.
Linda Vilsack's Horsman Shadow Wave doll (in pink and white dress, with her original box) shared the blue ribbon honors with Karla Moreland's glamorous Coty Girl by Arranbee.

_258all (6K) _258blue (3K) _258blue2 (5K) 258: Non-human, before 1970, any material.
In this fun category, a pair of early cloth dolls took top honors. Janet Nyholme's Fox was one of twelve members of the "Chicle Zoo" offered by the American Chicle Co. Pamela Coghlan's Sunshine elephant dates to 1927. The wooden Mr. Peanut doll and plush Pamper lamb took home red ribbons.

Copyright 2011 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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