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UFDC 2010 Competitive Exhibits, page 2

The 61st annual convention of the United Federation of Doll Clubs was held in Chicago in July of 2010. At every convention there are competitive exhibits where attendees can enter dolls in both antique and modern categories. In Chicago there were over 200 different classifications and thousands of dolls were entered. Judges who are experts in each category award ribbons based on a points system. The UFDC conventions in general, and the competitive exhibits specifically, provide the best opportunity for collectors to learn about dolls. On these four pages are the entries of most interest to vintage collectors. I have tried to show all of the dolls entered in each classification, plus closeups of some of the blue and red ribbon winners. Enjoy!

On page one: Wooden - Bisque - Celluloid
On this page: Cloth - Art Dolls - Composition
On page three: Hard Plastic - Vinyl - Advertising
On page four: Celebrity - Comic Character - Native American - Paper Dolls

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_216all (9K) _216blue (3K) _216red (3K) 216: Madame Alexander, 1933-1940, excludes Little Shaver.
The blue ribbon winner here is Sherri van Opijnen's Susie Q doll. All the dolls in this group are hard to find, especially in such nice condition.

_217all (5K) 217: Kamkins, 19".
The doll in the center, owned by Shirley Snare, won the blue ribbon because her clothing is original.

_218all (4K) _218blue (3K) _218red (2K) 218: Raggedy Ann or Andy, commercially-made before 1963. Excludes Knickerbocker.
The first and second place dolls entered here are both made by Volland, the earliest manufacturer of Raggedy Anns. Marilyn Parsons took home the blue.

_219all (11K) _219blue (3K) _219blue2 (3K) _219red (3K) _219red2 (2K) 219: Dean's Rag Book Co. Excludes uncut cloth.
Another wonderful group of dolls. Julie Blewis' Little Lord Fauntleroy is in mint condition with his original tag. Pamela Coghlan's lithographed WWI soldier doll was outsourced to the USA. Both dolls took home blue ribbons.

_220all (5K) 220: Richard G. Krueger 'Storybook' character.
Although only two dolls were entered here, they were both good enough to win blue. The pink Kewpie was entered by Cynthia Orgeron and the shepherdess belongs to Carmen Farrell.

_221all (5K) 221: Mollye's, 24", 'International' series. Single doll.
Ruth Garrison's blue ribbon winner is tagged "Priscilla an English Maid."

_222blue (3K) _222red (4K) 222: Tiny Town Dolls, any size doll.
Bonnie Rudeski's girl doll is much larger than most Tiny Town dolls, and is a very rare and early doll. Unfortunately I could not get a good photo of the entire group here.

_223all (10K) _223blue (2K) _223redwhite (4K) 223: BAPS 'Fairy Tale' character.
Beast (from Beauty & the Beast) won a blue ribbon for Nancy Moore in this category.

Art Doll 1908-1930
_76all (10K) _76blue1 (3K) _76blue2 (3K) 76: Art Doll including Munich Art Doll or contemporary from any country, of equal quality, such as Dora Petzoldt and Burgarella.
Kathleen Gordon-Smith's Burgarella doll (in blue) and Julie Blewis' Munich Art doll were both blue ribbon winners here.

_77all (7K) _77blue1 (3K) _77blue2 (3K) _77red (3K) _77red2 (4K) 77: Raleigh doll designed by Jessie McCutcheon Raleigh, Chicago, 1916-1920.
Lynn Kublank's 11" doll (in the yellow dress) and Margo Delaughter's 10.5" baby won top honors here. There was extra interest in this category because there was also a special exhibit of Raleigh dolls at the Convention. They are composition dolls with metal spring joints and beautiful sculpting.

_224all (12K) 224: Effanbee historical doll replica, 14".
Two blue ribbons were awarded in this great group of dolls. Suzanne Swanton's doll representing the Louisiana Purchase of 1804 (in blue) and Ann Moore's doll in pale green took home the top prizes. The red ribbon winner in the flowered gown represents Colonial Prosperity of 1711.
_224blue (3K) _224blue2 (3K) _224red (3K) _224red2 (4K)

_225all (7K) _225blue (3K) _225red (4K) 225: Madame Alexander Scarlett O'Hara.
Elizabeth Schmahl's blue ribbon winner (in the yellow dress) is a pre-movie doll from the Tiny Betty mold.

_226all (13K) _226blue3 (3K) _226blue2 (3K) _226blue (2K) 226: Effanbee Patsy, 14".
Lots of entries in this category! Suzanne Swanton's cowgirl, Janice Diller's sleep-eyed doll in mint condition, and Ursula Mertz's early type all won blue ribbons.

_227all (10K) _227blue (5K) _227red (3K) 227: Effanbee Patsy Babyette.
Ursula Mertz took home the blue ribbon here for her Touseltot boxed set.

_228all1 (10K) _228all2 (11K) 228: Vogue Toddles.
Judges awarded three blue ribbons in this category with so many nice dolls. Rose Morrill's doll wears an unusual Chinese outfit. Janice Drugan's doll wears red white and blue. The doll in the pink embroidered dress with matching hat still has her original Vogue sticker on the front of the dress.
_228blue (2K) _228blue2 (3K) _228blue3 (2K) _228red (3K)

_229all (8K) _229blue (3K) _229red (2K) 229: Monica doll, painted eyes, any size.
Barbara Peterson's blue ribbon winning doll has her original box and wrist tag.

_230all (8K) _230bluewhite (4K) _230red (3K) _230red2 (2K) 230: Arranbee (R&B) Debu Teen, 17-19".
Karla Mouland's trunk set was unbeatable in this category.

_231all (8K) _231blue (3K) _231red (3K) 231: Effanbee Grumpy.
The very large doll in yellow won a blue ribbon for Ursula Mertz here. He has his original sleeve label and pin.

Copyright 2011 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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