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Character Dolls
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Left: 10" all vinyl Pollyanna by Uneeda, representing the character from the Disney film. Right: Hard plastic Alice in Wonderland by Alexander, 1951. Alice photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls.

The phrase "character doll" can have two meanings to doll collectors. For those who collect antique bisque and early vintage composition dolls, it means dolls with personality and expression; not the common blank "dolly face." But for the purposes of this website, I am using it to refer to fictional characters - those people of books, movies and television who become larger than life.

Madame Alexander was very fond of fictional characters; she made many of them, and the company carries on that tradition today. Some of the characters Alexander has made include the family from the book "Little Women," children from Charles Dickens' stories, and Alice in Wonderland. Raggedy Ann and Andy are the most famous character dolls of all time, although the children who love them may not always realize they began as storybook characters. Other popular subjects for character dolls include Anne of Green Gables, Little Red Riding Hood and Cinderella.

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