Dolls by Unknown Manufacturers

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Mar 032016

Above: Cloth doll from the 1939 World’s Fair with mask face and googly eyes. Courtesy of Withington Auction, Inc.

In this section, dolls whose origin is unknown or uncertain are pictured and described, in an effort to aid in their identification and the collector’s enjoyment of them.

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Hard Plastic



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Composition Clown Doll

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Nov 142014

This interesting clown doll has a composition head, and the rest of his body is cloth. He is unjointed and unmarked.

Unlike most clown dolls, he is not just a regular doll painted to look like a clown. His exaggerated features, including the pointy eyebrows and the “Joker” style mouth, are molded into his face.

His body is made of red and white fabric to look like a costume, but he may have originally had an outfit over that, and likely a hat, too. He probably dates to the 1920s or ’30s.

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Composition Inuit Doll

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Nov 142014

This very unusual doll representing an Inuit boy has a composition head and hands, with the rest of his body of cloth, jointed at the shoulders and hips. His manufacturer is unknown. He likely dates to the 1930s.

Unlike most ethnic dolls of the early 20th century, he is not made of a regular-line caucasian doll and painted to look like the race is meant to represent. His head is sculpted with ethnically correct features. He has painted brown eyes and black hair. See the back of his head here.

He wears an outfit of coarse cloth painted with colorful designs. The fur trim at his hem and cuffs is real. Underneath he wears a one-piece undergarment.

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Vinyl Head Walker Doll with Unusual Transitional Legs

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May 182014

This doll is 23″ tall, and complete unmarked. She has an open/closed mouth, rooted hair, and brown sleep eyes. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips, and has a walking mechanism. Her head and arms are vinyl, her torso is hard plastic. Her most unusual feature is her legs – the top parts that connect to the walking mechanism are hard plastic, while the rest of them are vinyl. I cannot ever remember seeing a doll with one single body part made from both vinyl and hard plastic. Anybody know who she is?

Photos courtesy of Lance B. Updegraff.

Walking Sisters in Checked Dresses (1960s)

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Jul 242013

These two dolls are 28″ tall, with soft vinyl heads, rigid vinyl arms, and blow molded vinyl torsos and legs. They are completely unmarked. They have short rooted hair and green sleep eyes with brush lashes. They have walking mechanisms that don’t work well, and their heads do not turn. They wear checked dresses with slightly different design, nylon panties, rayon knit socks and red vinyl Mary Jane shoes. Do you know who they are?

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