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While Uneeda is best known for their glamour, fashion and pocket-sized dolls, they also made a huge variety of vinyl baby and child dolls over the second half of the 20th century. This is a very partial list which will be added to as information becomes available.

21″ girl and 18″ boy, all vinyl with molded hair, stuffed one piece body. 1948-52. In the late fifties, they produced another vinyl molded hair girl doll, with a different hair style.

Pri-thilla is a 12.5″ vinyl girl, rooted blonde hair, sleep eyes, wears a checked short sleeved shirt, solid color pants with checked cuffs. She has some type of mechanism that allows her to blow up balloons. 1958.

Wiggles is an 18″ infant with an unusual body construction. She has a vinyl head and torso, but her vinyl limbs, rather than being connected to the torso, are attached to a body sleeve that she wears over her torso. This makes her limbs very floppy. Some Blabby dolls were also made with this construction. See photos here. 1958.

Baby Dollikin is a 21″ baby with jointed knees, wrists and elbows in addition to the usual joints. She has a hard plastic body with vinyl head. 1958.

Uneeda made a 32″ Bride doll, she is the same doll as their Princess but with natural hair color. Other 32″ dolls include a black girl, same as Bride; and Freckles, a different face mold with orange hair green eyes and (of course) freckles.

Toddles is a 36″ doll, initially made to compete with Ideal’s Patti Playpal in the early ’60s, but Toddles was made for a much longer period of time. This is from Uneeda’s 1975 catalog.

They also made a 31″ talking doll with growing hair. You can see lots of photos and find out more about these dolls at the Crissy and Beth website.

Saranade is a vinyl doll with hard plastic torso containing a speaker. She came with a record player made by Westinghouse that transmits a radio signal to the speaker in her torso. Rooted dark brown hair in a ponytail with bangs, blue sleep eyes with molded lashes. Red dress with white trim. The record player plays four different speeds. 1962.

Uneeda’s Purty doll scrunches up her face and cries when you squeeze her.

In the ’50s and ’60s, Uneeda made a series of dolls that do things when you squeeze them. Purty (above) is 15″ tall with a cross expression, squeeze her and she shuts her eyes and cries, circa 1955 (not to be confused with the 1973 version).
Blabby is a 17″ baby doll, press her tummy and her mouth moves as she cries. 1962
Sunny Face is 15″ tall, grins and giggles (shuts her eyes) when you squeeze her, 1964

Coquette is a pretty 16″ girl doll, dimpled chin, platinum blonde hair with bangs. 1963.

Weepsy Wiggles is a newborn baby doll with a wiggling motion, a wind-up music box and she cries tears as well. These dolls seem to be very rare, I couldn’t find an example online anywhere. Advertised in Toy & Hobby World, 1963.

Ventriloquist dummy molded side parted brunette hair, plaid cloth body, blue pants 23″ tall, blue painted eyes. 1963.

Baby Trix is a 19″ baby doll with soft foam body, wired for posability, black eyes, closed moth, rooted hair. Black and white versions were made. Advertised in the 1965 Montgomery Ward catalog.

Baby Go Go is a beautiful 17″ drink and wet baby with dark brunette hair and blue sleep eyes. She wears a deep pink dress with narrow white lace trim at the neck and across the yoke. Her packaging is made to look like she is riding a scooter. Circa 1965.

22.5″ Walking doll in red satin dress. Click here to read more about here.

Sarabelle is a 15″ girl doll, rooted hair, sleep eyes, wears a faux-patchwork “colonial” outfit. 1960s.

Deb Teen is a 17″ vinyl girl doll (not teen body) smooth short lemon blonde hair, sleep eyes, pink checked dress with attached white pinafore. A leash around her wrist attaches to a cardboard poodle which is part of her box. 1965.

Uneeda’s Mod a Go Go doll is 19″ tall, with side glancing sleep eyes. She was sold in a variety of mod outfits with gogo boots. Click here to see a closeup of her face.
Photo courtesy of eBay seller franklin2000.

Bumpkins and Baby Bumpkins are both drink and wet vinyl babies, made in a few different versions over the years beginning in 1967. There is a 10″ size with molded hair, 11″ and 17″ dolls with rooted hair. All have sleep eyes. There is also a small version with painted eyes which came out in 1982.

Drink and wet Baby Sweetums has been made in at least three different sizes and a variety of outfits, since at least the early 1960s. Most often found is the 19″ version that has the same face as Baby Dollikin. There is also a 15″ version, with box dated 1968. There is also an 11″ version with painted eyes wearing a christening gown and bonnet. Another version was packaged with plastic blocks and teddy bear. The most recent versions are just called Sweetums.

Bareskin Baby is a 12.5″ newborn baby, has a swivel waist which is very unusual for a baby doll, sleep eyes, painted hair. Came with a shaggy rug. 1968.

Bitty Bathtub Baby is a small vinyl drink and wet doll in yellow plastic case molded like a bathtub, with cute accessories including a rattle and rubber duck. 1969

Bye Bye Baby has painted side glancing eyes, comes in wardrobe trunk with extra outfit and accessories. 1970s.

Purty 11″ chubby toddler, rooted hair, painted side glancing eyes 1973.

Lil Agatha is a 10″ vinyl doll with painted eyes and rooted hair. Described on her box as “A doll from a collection of early Americana.” 1975.

Agatha Bride is a 16″ vinyl girl doll with sleep eyes and rooted hair, dressed in a white wedding gown. The box graphics feature a spinning wheel, so she continues the Americana theme of Lil Agatha.

Granny and Me are a 16″ gray-haired granny doll with painted-on glasses, and her 7″ granddaughter. 1977.

Jenni is a 15″ doll in fancy gown part of the “Showcase Collection”. 1978.

Baby Glee is a 22″ baby with a big smile and molded tongue, molded hair. Vinyl head on cloth body. 1978.

Baby Toodles drink and wet baby, rooted hair and sleep eyes, lavender pjs. 1982.

Jack and Jill are 12″ twins packaged together with pink plastic pail Dressed in matching red and white outfits. Platinum blonde hair. Open/closed mouths.

Baby Jennifer has sleep eyes with molded lashes, rooted hair, 1982

Just Clowns is a set of 2 dolls 10″ and 7″, various matching outfits, bright red curly hair, red painted noses. 1982.

Tickin’ Tot is a baby doll with molded hair and a beating heart. 1986. Photo courtesy of Martin Auction Co.

I See You Dolly is 15″ tall, vinyl head and hands, soft cloth body. Unusual eyes appear to follow you in any direction. Kinda creepy actually. Black and white versions. 1988.

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Uneeda made a few character dolls from comic strips and movies over the years, including a few tie-ins with Disney.

Orphan Annie cloth doll by Uneeda Orphan Annie cloth doll by Uneeda This all cloth Orphan Annie doll has a molded mask face with painted features. She came with white socks and black shoes, and likely dates to the 1920s. She was an exclusive for Walgreens stores.

Disney's Pollyanna doll by Uneeda Disney's Pollyanna doll by Uneeda Pollyanna was made in 10.5″ and 32″ versions, and possibly also a 17″ version. Dressed in red and white checked dress and pantalettes with straw hat. Tie in to the Walt Disney film of the same name starring Hayley Mills. 1960.

Other 32″ dolls include the Princess from Babes in Toyland, another Disney film tie-in, she has a similar face to Pollyanna but with a closed mouth and pink hair. See the video below.

Popeye is the famous comic character with soft vinyl head and arms and cloth body, made in 8″ and 16″ versions. His hat and pipe are molded as one piece with his head. 1979. Olive Oyl and Swee’Pee dolls were made as well.

Uneeda Comix, a series of adult-oriented comic books published in the 1970s, are no relation to the Uneeda Doll Co.

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Some of Uneeda’s most popular dolls with kids and collectors have been their pocket-size dolls including Pee Wees, Wishnik Trolls, Petal People and Tiny Teens. They are all vinyl and were produced beginning in the mid-sixties. The company acquired Mattel’s Liddle Kiddles name in the mid-90s and produced a new series of them.

Wishnik Troll by Uneeda

Wishnik Trolls are a knockoff of the Dam Trolls which became popular in Europe in the early sixties, and shortly afterward became a fad in America. The Wishniks have one piece bodies, jointed only at the neck. The two-headed version is most popular with collectors. The Wishniks were reissued in the ’80s and ’90s.

The original version of Petal People, made in 1964, have Pee Wees heads on Wishnik Troll bodies with flower costumes. In 1968 they came out with a 2.5″ tall doll packaged inside a plastic flower, planted in a small round flower pot. A Flower Shoppe with three of these Petal People was also available. The dolls were also renamed Pixie Petal People and sold in a much shorter flower with a square pot. Yet another version of Petal People were produced in the ’80s. These are more like the original ones, short and stocky, but they have molded hair and elvish looking eyes. There was also a Petal People paper doll.

Tiny Trix Poses are small vinyl dolls with rooted hair, wired arms and legs for posability. Each came packaged with an accessory such as a scooter, swing, or rocking horse. 1966.

PlumPees are chubby seated vinyl squeeze dolls in 6″ and 8″ sizes. They have molded hair and clothing. 1967.

Little Sophisticates are 8″ vinyl dolls with wired arms for posability. The most unusual feature about this doll is that their faces are painted to make it appear that their eyes are closed. They have rooted lashes beneath each eye. 6 dolls were made, with a variety of hair styles and colors, each sold in a different outfit. They are not hard to find, but you almost never see them in their original packaging. 1967. The name was used again in 1983 for an 8.5″ vinyl toddler with rooted hair and painted side glancing eyes.

Tiny Sophisticates are 6″ vinyl girls with rooted hair and painted eyes. May have long rooted eyelashes.

Pee Wees & Hee Wees by Uneeda Pee Wees chubby vinyl pocket size dressed girl dolls, have painted side glancing eyes and rooted hair. Sold in many different outfits. The original version came out in the mid ’60s. Hee Wees, “Tiny He-Men”, are boy versions with molded hair who wear uniforms such as baseball player, firefighter, etc. There were Pee Wees Babies as well. An updated version of the Pee Wees came out in 1976. Posin’ Pee Wees are dated 1984 and have different bodies. Pee Wees Cuties appeared in 1987. Photo courtesy of eBay seller art-in-mind.

Fun Time Tiny Teen doll by Uneeda Tiny Teen doll by Uneeda Tiny Teens are 5″ dressed dolls from 1967. They have cute little accessories. The Fun Time doll is pictured far left. The doll in the blue package is a later, unnamed version without the accessories. Read more about Tiny Teens here. In 1970 the same doll was repackaged again as Donna Fashion Doll. Photos courtesy of eBay seller franklin2000.

Kim, Miki and Dana are just 5″ tall but they have a growing hair feature. Kim had extra outfits available to purchase. You learn more about them here.

Tummy “The Pudgy Pixie” 9″ girl doll with protruding exposed midriff. Apparently this was supposed to be cute. Rooted hair, painted side-glancing eyes. 1973.

Minuette 8″ costume doll, rooted hair, painted eyes 1973.

Thum Things doll by Uneeda Thum Things doll by Uneeda Thum-Things dolls have three faces which rotate on their head. They have molded hair and are 4″ tall. They came in a variety of outfits and hair colors. 1973. Photos courtesy of ebay seller bouchy.

Grannykins is a 6″ grandmother doll with gray hair and painted on eyeglasses. She was available in a variety of matronly outfits.

I’m Hanthum is a 7″ thumb sucking boy doll with an oversized head and rooted hair. His sister is called I’m Lonethum. 1977.

Bootniks “The Cutest Doll in the West” looks like a Pee Wee, comes in a vinyl or plastic cowboy boot. 1981.

The International Collection is an 8″ vinyl girl doll with six different international outfits. 1981.

Kupples 8″ Bride and Groom packaged together, vinyl heads and cloth bodies. 1985.

Uneeda Liddle Kiddles doll Uneeda Liddle Kiddles doll Uneeda acquired the Liddle Kiddles name (which previously belonged to Mattel) and manufactured them in the ’90s. There are several series including Clip On, Strap On, Pretty Perfume, Lovely Locket and Bottle Baby. Photos courtesy of eBay seller den268.

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Glamour and Fashion Dolls by Uneeda Doll Co.

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Uneeda’s golden age began in the late 1950s with Suzette and Dollikin, two high heeled glamour dolls with grown-up figures. As the sixties dawned, they turned to slimmer Barbie-type fashion dolls including Miss Suzette and Wendy.

This is a partial list which will be added to as information is available.

Uneeda 10 Uneeda Tinyteen doll TinyTeen & Suzette are 10.5″ all vinyl high-heeled dolls patterned after Ideal‘s successful Little Miss Revlon doll. Suzette was an exclusive for Grant’s department stores. The dolls are very similar but TinyTeen is jointed at the waist while Suzette is not. Read more about them at the Tinyteen & Suzette page. Photos courtesy of Valerie Myers. Also see Bob, Suzette’s boyfriend, below.
Dollikin by Uneeda Dollikin ballerina by Uneeda Dollikin is a multi-jointed glamour doll. The 19″ size is more often found than the rare 14″ version. Visit the Dollikin page and the Dollikin Ballerina page for more info. The Dollikin name was reused in the ’70s and ’80s for a multijointed Barbie size doll.
Mommy Dollikin & Her Lovable Baby by Uneeda Dollikin was also sold in a couple of other variations. Visit the Mommy Dollikin page and the Miss Twist page for more info on these.
Uneeda glamour bride doll Pink Haired ballerina doll by Uneeda Uneeda also used the Dollikin head mold for other dolls that did not have her extra joints. Visit the Other Glamour Dolls page and the Pink Haired Ballerina page for more info.
Wee Three dolls by Uneeda Wee Three is a family set of mother, little girl and baby boy packaged together. Mother has the Dollikin head mold on a regular glamour body. Circa 1960. Visit the Wee Three page for more details. Photo courtesy of Mary Kangas.

Wendy fashion doll by Uneeda Wendy fashion doll by Uneeda Wendy is a Barbie-sized doll. She is often sold under the Elite label. She had extra outfits available. This doll was also sold as Suzette in Canada. Photos courtesy of ebay seller bouchy.
Wendy fashion doll by Uneeda Rare black version of Wendy. Photo courtesy of eBay seller Connectibles.

Miss Suzette doll by Uneeda Miss Suzette doll by Uneeda Miss Suzette is an 11″ fashion doll with exotic looking painted side glancing eyes, and rooted hair only around the perimeter of her scalp. She has a very unusual body construction with the tops of her legs forming her buttocks. She was a Grant’s exclusive and is dated on her back 1962. Of all of Uneeda’s teen fashion dolls, she is the most highly sought after.

Bob dolls by Uneeda Suzette’s boyfriend is Bob. The shorter version was the companion to the 10.5″ Suzette (see top of page); the taller, slimmer version was made to go with Miss Suzette. Both versions of Bob were Grant’s exclusives, and had extra outfits. Photo courtesy of eBay seller franklin2000 .

Children of All Nations Italy doll by Uneeda Miss Suzette variations: Wendy Ward is the same doll as Miss Suzette but with sleep eyes. She was a Montgomery Ward exclusive. and was made in two versions: one with rooted hair in a swirl ponytail style, and one with molded hair and wigs. Miss Debutante is the same doll as Wendy Ward except that her hairstyle is rooted in a ponytail with bangs. She is extremely rare. Children of All Nations, same as Miss Debutante, is dressed in costumes of different countries. Pictured at left is Italy. Photo courtesy of eBay seller hug*a*pug.

Betsy McCall doll by Uneeda Betsy McCall is an 11.5″ fashion doll size version of Betsy with sleep eyes. 1964. Photo courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

Dollikin by Uneeda Action Dolllikin by Uneeda Uneeda reused the Dollikin name for a 11.5″ multi-jointed doll – In 1969 she was sold as Fashion Dollikin in a ponytail hairstyle with bangs. In 1973 she was sold as Action Dollikin, the only change was that her hair style was in a swirl across her forehead. Fashion Dollikin photo courtesy of eBay seller luving_dolls. Action Dollikin photo courtesy of eBay seller art-in-mind.

Uneeda got into growing hair dolls in the ’70s. Magic Meg, also called Miss Deb, is a 15″ teen tall who came in a variety of outfits. She was the same doll used for Vermont Maid. Poni and Missy are 19″ vinyl high-heeled dolls with the Dollikin face.

Jennifer 18″ slim teen body, rooted hair, painted side glancing eyes. 1973.

Clover 15″ slim body, long rooted hair, sleep eyes. 1973.

Triki Miki is a 6″ multi-jointed fashion doll. She could wear the same clothes as Topper’s Dawn doll. She was a Woolworth’s exclusive. 1970s. The same doll was also sold as Little Miss Dollikin.
Uneeda Miki fashion doll Uneeda Miki fashion doll Miki is an 11.5″ fashion doll. The “Streak ‘n Frost” series had frosted hair in various styles and colors, with a smiling face. 1980s. Photos courtesy of eBay seller den268.

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Composition and hard plastic dolls by Uneeda Doll Co.

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Uneeda is mostly known for the vinyl dolls they made from the late fifties through the early seventies, such as Dollikin and Miss Suzette; but the company had a long history of producing beautiful composition, hard plastic, and a few cloth dolls before then. This is a very partial list which will be added to as more information comes along.

Click on a photo to view a larger version.

25″ all composition baby, open-closed mouth with two painted teeth, painted hair and eyes, jointed at neck, shoulders, hips. Circa 1918.

Sweetums is a Mama doll, composition head and limbs on cloth body with swing legs. Tin sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth. Circa late 1920s. Photos of her here. Uneeda is still using the Sweetums name for its line of infant dolls.

12″ all compo toddler boy and girl twins, molded hair, dressed in matching red and white outfits, no names, closed mouths, brown sleep eyes. 1940.

Carmen composition doll by Uneeda Carmen composition doll by Uneeda Carmen is a 14″ jointed composition doll with red mohair wig, 1948. Red taffeta gown with gold braid trim, black lace half-length overskirt and mantilla. Her box and tag read “As inspired by Rita Hayworth’s portrayal of Carmen in ‘The Loves of Carmen.'” See more photos here. Photos courtesy of eBay seller your-favorite-doll.

The Cutest Little Red Headed Doll is a 17″ all composition girl doll, red mohair wig, blue sleep eyes, open mouth with two teeth. She wears a white short sleeved blouse and green gingham pinafore dress with yellow ribbons on her blouse and in her hair. She was a tie-in to a hit song of the day. 1940s. You can see photos of her here.

In the short window between the composition doll era and the vinyl doll era, Uneeda sold hard plastic dolls as many other companies did. These are not marked with the Uneeda name so may have been purchased from another manufacturer. You can see two lovely examples here.

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