Nov 302012

I am posting these pictures in hopes that someone will know more about this doll. She is 24″ tall with a vinyl head with rooted hair and sleep eyes, and a one-piece stuffed vinyl body, with feet shaped to wear high heels. She was originally purchased in a supermarket like many of the Deluxe Reading dolls; but her distinctive face closely resembles Taffy by Arranbee and Patricia Walker by Effanbee. However, both of those dolls had jointed hard plastic bodies. If you know anything about this doll, please post a comment below.

Unknown lady doll with stuffed vinyl body

Photo courtesy of Wendy Jamrus

Unknown lady doll with stuffed vinyl body

Photo courtesy of Wendy Jamrus

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Valentine Baby Dolls

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Sep 242012

Valentine Dolls, Inc. is best known for the many ballerina dolls they produced in the late fifties and early sixties, such as Doreena Ballerina. But the company also made other types of dolls, including the babies pictured below, scanned from an undated catalog.

Cuddle Love vintage baby doll by Valentine Dolls, Inc.

Vintage Darling Baby doll by Valentine Dolls, Inc.

Weep 'n Sleep baby doll by Valentine Dolls, Inc.

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Uneeda Pink Haired Ballerina doll

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Aug 132012

Going through my files today I found these pictures – I had this doll a long time ago but for some reason never did anything with the pictures. If I recall correctly, she has the same head as Uneeda’s 19″ Dollikin, marked 2S, but she does not have the extra joints that Dollikin has, and her body is lighter weight than their other 2S glamour dolls. She has striking blue eyes and pale pink hair in a cute bubble cut. I believe her pink vinyl shoes are like the flats that Mommy Dollikin and the Dollikin Ballerinas wear. Does anyone have one of these pink haired dolls?

Vintage Uneeda ballerina doll with pink hair
Uneeda Vintage ballerina doll with pink hair

Jun 112012

This rare and wonderful doll is Talking Terri Lee, made by Mar-Fan, Inc. between 1960 and 1962. This was during the period after the Terri Lee Company had gone out of business, when they leased their molds to other companies to produce.

Talking Terri Lee is 16″ tall and made of vinyl. She looks very similar to other vintage Terri Lees, but she has an important difference. She has a speaker in her head, into which a record player was plugged through a jack on the back of her head. The dolls, records, and especially the record player are very hard to find today. If you have a Talking Terri Lee doll, you can input any device into the jack with the right size audio plug.

Photos courtesy of Ed Hudson.

TinyTeen Store Display

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Mar 052012

Uneeda’s TinyTeen dolls from the late 1960s aren’t widely collected, but they are really cute dolls which were sold in a variety of outfits, as you can see from this store display recently sold on eBay.

TinyTeens are 5″ tall, all vinyl and jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. They have rooted hair and eyelashes. They are marked “U. D. Co. 1967 Hong Kong”. The original series of 12 dolls came packaged on a pink oval bubble card. They have names like Party Time, Fun Time and Prom Time. Each doll holds an accessory, such as a camera, purse or phone. TinyTeen’s shoes are very small and easily lost.

Uneeda also issued another series of 12 dolls, in rectangular blue packages, with different outfits and no accessory. This series is of lesser quality than the original set, and is harder to find.

TinyTeens are similar to Hasbro’s Dolly Darlings and Mattel’s Liddle Kiddles, and are often found together. A collection of ’60s and ’70s pocket size dolls, which might also include Remco’s Heidi and Topper’s Dawn, would be great fun to put together.

Photos courtesy of SpartanToys Vintage Toy Store.

Please note – Uneeda originally used the “TinyTeen” name in the late 1950s, for a 10.5″ high heeled fashion doll similar to Ideal’s Little Miss Revlon. The company recycled the name again in the mid-seventies for an 8″ doll.