Tinyteen & Suzette’s Outfits by Uneeda

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Jun 272013

Tinyteen and Suzette‘s outfits were manufactured with more than one type of closure, and are untagged, making identification difficult. Some pieces can be identified by their round “donut-style” snaps with the letters “SK LIKITS RAU” engraved on them, which was used by Uneeda on their other dolls’ clothing as well. Some of her outfits close only with buttons, leading many collectors to assume they are homemade, and not factory originals. The clothing for Horsman’s 10.5″ Cindy had the exact same buttons, further complicating identification. Still other outfits may have tiny round solid snaps. A few outfits combine more than one type of closure on the same piece. Her white plastic backless heels have a molded bow across the instep and she wears drop pearl earrings. Tinyteen and Suzette seem to have had many, if not all, of the same outfits, but usually in different colors, as noted in the descriptions.
Due to the questionable identification of many outfits, I have split this list up into three sections: outfits that are definitely Tinyteen and Suzette’s; outfits that are probably theirs, and outfits that may possibly be theirs. This is a very incomplete list.

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The following are documented Tinyteen and Suzette outfits.
#? – (Suzette) Red velveteen coat and hat, black purse.

#A9? (Suzette) Pale pink nylon full-length nightgown with pink ribbon tie at waist, white lace trim around neck and sleeves, button closure; pale pink nylon long-sleeved robe with quilted look, matching lace trim, two-button closure at front waist.

#A-4 Matched Playwear – Three-piece set of red and gray (Suzette) cotton includes shorts with partial elastic waist, a short sleeved blouse with pointed collar, a full skirt and sunglasses. The blouse and skirt have button closures. Two other versions are known – blue and red (pictured left) and yellow and red.

#1206 (Tinyteen) – Strapless evening gown with gold metallic bodice, white nylon skirt with large dots of green glitter; white frond hat. This outfit was sold on a doll, and may or may not have been available separately.

#? – Red (Suzette) or blue (Tinyteen) felt circle skirt with printed “Rock N Roll” motif (similar to Jill’s “Record Hop” skirt; white sweater; bolero jacket (?). Black grosgrain ribbon waistband ties in back.

#1201 (Tinyteen) – White satin bridal gown with nylon tulle overlay, gathered skirt with knee-length floating panels of nylon organdy (which may be plain, embroidered or flocked) trimmed in lace, long sleeeves, high neck trimmed with silver braid; white bridal bouquet; lace-trimmed tulle veil attached to floral headpiece. Photo on Tinyteen page.

#A12 – Prom Outfit – Pink (Suzette) and blue or lavender strapless taffeta gown with white lace overlay; ribbon at waist; straw hat with white flowers.

The following are probably Tinyteen and Suzette outfits.

#? – Pink (Tinyteen) or blue (Suzette) taffeta strapless evening gown with pointed bodice, overlaid with matching net threaded with silver. Satin ribbon or flower at waistline. Small white/silver “Dot Snappers” snap.

#? – Blue cotton sleeveless dress with floral print. “SK LIKITS RAU” snap.

#? – Deep aqua, blue or red polished ribbed cotton dress with white square print, white pointed collar, black satin ribbon at neck with rhinestone accents, three-quarter sleeves, two button closure in back.
#? – Pale blue or pink cotton print dress with darker solid color taffeta waistband. Neckline and sleeve facings of the same taffeta. Button closure.
#? – Aqua or blue cotton short-sleeved dress with a homespun weave, white lace-trimmed color, white cuffs, black velvet ribbon tie; black plastic belt with silver buckle; black plastic purse. Button closure.
#? – Aqua or blue polished cotton dress with white lace trim across bodice, pointed collar, cuffs on three-quarter sleeves, black satin ribbon bow at neckline.
#? – Pale pink nylon dress with taffeta underskirt, three-quarter sleeves, pointed collar, blue velvet ribbon down front of bodice with two rhinestones, button closure.
#? – Red cotton coat with black buttons, white collar and cuffs have large red and black polka dots; red straw hat with matching polka dot band.
Blue print cotton pajamas with short sleeves, solid blue collar and cuffs.

The following are possibly Tinyteen and Suzette outfits.

Uneeda Tinyteen 10.5 #? – Navy blue strapless velveteen gown with silver rickrack trim across top of bodice; matching cape with taffeta lining. Button closures on both pieces.
Uneeda Tinyteen 10.5 3 piece set – Yellow cotton top with orange print trim and orange button accent; matching pedal pushers; orange cotton skirt with cute dog and doghouse print. Tiny round snap closures.

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Jun 252013

Walking doll in red satin dress by Uneeda

Body Construction
This all vinyl girl is 22.5″ tall and has a rather rigid vinyl head with a lightweight blow-molded vinyl body. She is jointed at the neck, shoulders, and hips, with a walking mechanism. Her head does not turn. Raising her arm, as the tag instructs, doesn’t do anything other than give you something to hold on to. She has blue sleep eyes with brush lashes and pink lips with a small hole in the center. Her brunette hair is styled in a short curly ‘do.

She is marked with a “U” on the back of her head.

She wears a cheaply made red satin dress trimmed with synthetic lace. It closed with two safety pins in the back. She wears cotton knit panties, rayon knit socks and white vinyl shoes.

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Tinyteen & Suzette – Uneeda’s 10.5″ Glamour Dolls

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Jun 172013
Uneeda Tinyteen glamour doll

Photo courtesy of Valerie Myers

Uneeda’s line of 10.5″ glamour dolls debuted in 1957 to compete with Ideal’s Little Miss Revlon. Tinyteen was billed as “America’s Best Dressed Teenager” and was dressed in various outfits including bridal, formal and casual wear. She had additional boxed outfits as well. Suzette was a less-expensive version of Tinyteen made exclusively for the W.T. Grant chain of stores. She also had extra outfits, as did her boyfriend Bob. (Uneeda also used the Suzette name on other fashion dolls – see this page for more info.)

Vintage Suzette doll by Uneeda

Photo courtesy of Valerie Myers.

Body Construction
Tinyteen is 10.5″ tall, and has a rigid vinyl body, jointed at neck, shoulders, waist and hips, and a soft vinyl head. She has gray or blue sleep eyes with molded lashes, and three painted lashes at the outer corner of each eye. Her rooted hair is generally styled in a wavy bob or a ponytail with bangs, and was available in various shades. She has red painted finger and toenail, and pierced ears with drop pearl earrings.
Suzette is basically the same doll as Tinyteen, except that her waist is not jointed. She has no earring holes, and her finger and toenails are unpainted. (A Canadian version of Suzette was identical to Tinyteen with earrings, waist joint and all. She was a Simpsons-Sears exclusive.)

Both dolls are marked “UNEEDA” on the back of their necks.

Suzette was sold in a two-piece swimsuit, as pictured above, or in a bra and girdle as shown in the box illustration. By comparison, Tinyteen was sold as a dressed doll, in a bridal gown, day dress or other ensemble. Both dolls had additional boxed outfits available. Click here to go to Tinyteen and Suzette’s Outfits page.

Tinyteen’s and Suzette’s boxes are pictured above.

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Wee Three dolls by Uneeda (circa 1960)

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May 202013

Uneeda’s Wee Three is one of the “family” sets of dolls produced during the 50s – 60s that allowed children to imagine scenarios of interaction between mother and children. Effanbee’s Most Happy Family is another set of this type.

Body Construction
The mother of the family is a 19″ doll, rigid vinyl with a softer vinyl head, jointed at neck, hips and shoulders. She may be jointed at the waist as well. All examples I have seen have platinum blonde hair. She has sleep eyes with brush lashes and red lips. She is joined by her all-vinyl toddler and baby.

Mom is marked “Uneeda / 2S” on the back of her neck. This is the same marking found on all the Dollikin dolls as well as other Uneeda glamour dolls and their Pink Haired Ballerina.

She wears a sleeveless dress of dark red cotton, banded at the neckline with polka-dotted fabric. Her coat is of the same material, with polka dot collar and cuffs. She wears a matching hat and red plastic heels.
Her daughter wears a matching dress and bonnet, socks and shoes. Baby is attired in a fluffy white bunting and comes complete with a bottle.

Wee Three’s box served as a display unit as well as packaging. It advertises the drink-and-wet capabilities of the children and extols the quality of the workmanship.

In the ’70s and ’80s Uneeda produced other sets using the Wee Three name but these include a little girl, toddler and baby, with no mother doll.

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Uneeda’s Other Glamour Dolls

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May 202013

Uneeda’s posable Dollikin is their most well-known glamour girl, but they used the same head mold to make other dolls without all the extra joints, including the ones pictured here and the Mother from the Wee Three set.

Glamour bride doll by Uneeda

Body Construction
These 19″ dolls have a rigid vinyl body with softer vinyl head. They are jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. Some, like the bride doll pictured above, are also jointed at the waist. They have sleep eyes with brush lashes, and painted lashes underneath each eye. They have unpainted nails. The glamour dolls came in a variety of haircolors, including carrot red, and in various styles, including the short bob shown on these dolls, and an updo with spit curl.

These dolls are marked “UNEEDA/2S” on the back of their heads below the hairline. This is the same marking as seen on the Dollikin heads.

Glamour doll by Uneeda

These dolls came dressed in a variety of outfits. The bride doll is wearing an ivory satin wedding gown with unusual cowl neckline, trimmed with a ruffle of tulle. Two layers of tulle over the skirt give it volume. She wears satin full-length mitts and carries a small bouquet of simple white fabric flowers with satin streamers. Her veil is lace with a satin ribbon bow pinned to the back. She also wears drop pearl earrings, white nylon panties and white plastic heels.
The doll pictured above wears a lavender and white striped dress made of a silky taffeta, and she has a white satin ribbon bow at the neck. She also wears white nylon panties, pearl drop earrings and white plastic heels.

The box the striped dress doll came in is pictured with her. The bottom is turquoise heavy corrugated cardboard. On one end is printed “Beauty Quality/A Uneeda Doll/Since 1917” with space for the doll’s dress, eye, hair color and style number to be noted. “1202” is very lightly stamped as the style number. “COAP-122” is written in pencil, but whether this is original is unknown.

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