UFDC convention / Theriault’s auction

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Aug 162010

I am still recuperating from the UFDC convention in Chicago. That was one exhausting week! Chicago is a beautiful city, much nicer than I expected.
I took over 600 photos while I was there. Most of them are of the Competitive Exhibits. Unfortunately, per UFDC rules, I cannot use them on the website, except in an article devoted to the convention. I am working on putting together an article now.

But here are a few photos from the Theriault’s auction that was held at a nearby hotel. If you have not been to one of their auctions, the antique dolls are just unbelievable. They are displayed in lovely vignettes with flowers and accessories. The highlight of the auction was “The Great Man’s Doll,” a French doll made by Huret about 1860, which author Victor Hugo purchased and gave to his granddaughter. The doll and her trousseau sold for $160,000. In keeping with the literary theme, there were several artist dolls in the auction from writer Anne Rice’s collection. There were some stunning examples of vintage dolls, too, including Barbie and Ken, Ginny, Nancy Ann Storybook dolls, and several wonderful Lencis.

The first picture shows part of the set of Dionne Quintuplets by Madame Alexander. These babies are lucky to have their original furniture, nurse and Doctor Dafoe.

And here are a few of the antiques:
There was an amazing collection of Schoenhut circus figures in the auction. In addition to the set, several figures were sold individually.