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Maskerade Magic doll by Eegee, 1976

Eegee’s Maskerade Magic is a fun set that includes a 14″ boy or girl doll with five different masks for the doll to wear. Four different sets were pictured in the catalog, but the sets with the boy dolls seem to be rare or nonexistent. It is possible they were not produced beyond the prototype stage.

Maskerade Magic doll by Eegee, 1976

Body Construction
The doll has a vinyl head and heads with a soft stuffed cloth body. He or she has painted eyes and rooted hair. The clothing is part of the body.

The doll is marked “EEGEE Co. // 12D // Made in Hong Kong” on the back of her head.

The girl doll wears a blue skirt over her purple, blue and green cloth body. The boy doll’s body is made to look like a striped shirt and rust colored pants. His feet are black.

Maskerade Magic doll by Eegee, 1976

The girl doll is most often found with the set that includes a nurse, red haired and black haired princesses, majorette and blonde bride masks. She was also packaged in an alternate set that included the majorette and one of the princesses, plus clown, bear and bunny masks. The boy may be packaged with firefighter, doctor, pirate, football player and cowboy masks; or with the clown, bear, pirate, a Frankenstein and a character with blue skin and a gold (?) helmet. I don’t recognize that last one but he may be a comic character.

Maskerade Magic doll by Eegee, 1976

Although the catalog illustrations shown picture the doll packaged on the left side of the box, with the masks on the right, all the actual sets I have seen have the doll in the middle with the masks on either side.

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Composition and cloth mama doll by Eegee

This mama doll by Eegee has a composition head and limbs with a cloth body. She has a human hair wig and likely dates from the 1920s.

This company, founded in 1917 by E. G. Goldberger, made a wide variety of dolls, including composition, hard plastic and vinyl. They used the trademark “EEGEE” early on. Their dolls were often knockoffs of the popular dolls of the day. In the 1930’s, they made the Shirley Temple-types Little Miss Movie and Miss Charming. In the ’50s, Susan Stroller was an alternative to Ideal’s Saucy Walker, while Eegee’s beautiful line of Little Debutante dolls competed with Ideal’s Revlon and Little Miss Revlon. The 28″ version was also sold as a Bride.

In the ’60s, Mattel’s Barbie, Skipper and Ken were the inspiration for Eegee’s Annette, Little Sister and Andy. Miss Babette was another Barbie clone. Tandy Talks was a cuter version of Mattel’s Chatty Cathy, complete with freckles. Shelley managed to copy two different dolls at the same time – she looked like Ideal’s Tammy, but had the “growing hair” feature of American Character’s Tressy.

Gemmette was a 15″ lady doll from 1963. She came in various hair colors and outfits, but always a long fancy gown. Eegee made Dolly Parton in doll form, in both 12″ and 17″ sizes. A number of ventriloquist dolls were produced over the years, including Lester, W. C. Fields, Groucho Marx, Bozo the Clown and Charlie McCarthy.

17.5″ Miss Sunbeam was an advertising doll for Sunbeam bread sold in 1959. She is all vinyl with blonde hair and blue eyes. Another product tie-in the company produced was the Kool-Aid Kid in 1989, a little girl wearing a red sweatshirt with her name on the front. She came in various hair colors, including a bright red.

The company also produced some very original dolls. Puppetrina, introduced in 1963, was a 22″ vinyl doll whose arms and legs could be manipulated like a puppet. There was a Baby Puppetrina as well. Honey Munch from the ’70s was an unusual ventriloquist baby doll. Maskerade Magic dolls came with five different masks for the dolls to wear.

Eegee is still in business under the name of The Goldberger Company, making dolls and toys for very young children with a lifetime guarantee.

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