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10" Toni (1958-60)

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American Character's 10" Toni is a wonderfully-made doll with a sweet expression. She is slightly smaller than many of the similar-sized dolls made by other companies. The Toni name was licensed from Gillette and the doll was used as a tie-in to their Toni home permanent. A Toni Playwave Kit, used to style the doll's hair, was sold separately.

Body Construction
Most Toni dolls are all vinyl. The earlier versions were strung, while the later, and more common type has flanged joints. A few dolls have been found with vinyl heads and hard plastic bodies, and it is speculated that this is the earliest version since they also have the strung joints. Toni is jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips only. She has rooted hair, in platinum, golden blonde, red or dark brunette, styled in a curly bob with bangs. Two metal barrettes hold her hair in place. She has sleep eyes with molded lashes, and painted lashes at the corner of each eye. Tiny Toni has no paint on her nails, and no earring holes.

This doll is marked "AMER. CHAR. DOLL CORP 1958" in a circle on the back of her head, and "AMERICAN CHARACTER 1958" with a copyright symbol, on her lower back.

The 10" Toni doll's original outfit is an off-white, one-piece strapless stretch lace teddy, with a frill of pink tulle at the hem. She also wears white plastic heels with a molded bow across the instep.

This doll had numerous separate boxed outfits available. Click here to go to a listing of her outfits. Her clothing is not tagged. Some of the outfits were also available on the larger size Tonis, but with variations.

Toni was packaged in a box with graphics evoking '50's modern style. Interestingly, the doll is pictured on the box with earrings, although she had none. See photos above.

Toni could also be purchased in a box set with the playwave kit and accessories, wearing her Bon Soir outfit. Click here to see the brochure illustration of this set.

Sources for this page include:

  • Glamour Dolls of the 1950s and 1960s by Polly and Pam Judd
  • American Character Dolls by Judith Izen

Copyright 1999-2010 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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