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Jacqueline (1961-62)
jacq1 (20K)

Alexander's Jacqueline doll was introduced in 1961. Although the Kennedy name was never used in connection with the doll, there can be little doubt that she was meant to represent the popular First Lady. Mrs. Kennedy's wardrobe, designed by Oleg Cassini, set new standards of fashion for women around the world, and the doll version was equally glamorous. Alexander also introduced a toddler doll named Caroline, after the Kennedy's young daughter.

Jacqueline was made in a 21" version from 1961-62, using the later Cissy body with the one-piece graceful arms and a vinyl head made from a new mold. In 1962, a 10" version was introduced using the Cissette head and body. Both dolls have side-parted brunette hair in a shoulder-length flip, with a single spit curl on the forehead, brown eyes with pale blue eyeshadow and exaggerated painted lashes on each side. The 10" version is the same doll as Margot, but with a different hairstyle. Extra outfits were available for both size dolls.

At least two trunk sets were sold in 1962 with Jacqueline dolls, one in the FAO Schwarz catalog under the name Judy, and another in the Marshall Field catalog under the name Jackie.

Jacqueline did not appear in the company's 1963 catalog. Beginning in 1965, Alexander began using the 21" doll again for their series of Portrait dolls. The company later made Jacqueline Kennedy dolls as part of their First Ladies series, but these are not the same dolls.

Note: the numbers after the descriptions refer to the sources listed at the bottom of the page. Click on the thumbnails for the larger photo.

1961 - 20" doll

#2133 - Orange jersey blouse; beige vinyl jacket; green corduroy slacks and matching hat; soiltaire ring; green elastic-strap heels. Sold separately. Color in #3

#2218 - Suit of brocade has short jacket with three-quarter sleeves, matching straight skirt; jeweled tricot blouse; tulle pillbox hat; purse. B&W in #1

_2210b (3K)_2210a (3K)

#2210 - Ivory satin strapless princess-cut ball gown, trimmed with silver braid; matching coat; purse made out of pearls; pearl necklace and pearl-encrusted earrings; solitaire ring; full-length taffeta petticoat; taffeta panties; nylons and silver elastic-strap sandals.

1962 - 20" doll

#2117 - Riding coastume of tan jacket with three brass buttons and shawl collar; white blouse; brown breeches; boots. Caroline had a matching outfit. Color in #2 and #3

#2125 - Slim brocade one-shoulder gown with flaring side panels of red satin; pearl necklace; earrings, ring and bracelet. Color in #3

#2130 - Silver and white brocade full-skirted gown; matching jacket with elbow-length sleeves fastens with a jeweled clasp at the waistline; pearl necklace; earrings, ring and bracelet; taffeta panties and full-length petticoat. Color in #2

#2140 - Full-skirted brocade ball gown; full-length satin evening coat; pearl purse; jewelry. B&W in #1

#22-15 - Suit with elbow-length sleeves, straight skirt, pillbox hat. Sold separately. B&W in #1

1962 - 10" doll

#? - Slim silver brocade one-shoulder gown, pink satin sash with flaring side panels; pearl decorated purse; earrings. Color in #5

#865 - Blue slacks; matching sweater and hat; lined white leather jacket; elastic-strap heels. Color in #5

#885 - Pink satin ballgown with square neckline, bow at waist; pearl decorated evening bag; earrings and necklace. Color in #5 and #7

#886 - Pale peach or lilac satin evening gown with sequined trim at neckline; long matching stole with fringed ends; pearl decorated purse; earrings; nylons and elastic-strap heels. Color in #5 and #6

#887 - Gown with gold lame bodice and white jacquard full skirt; full-length evening cape of rose taffeta, lined with pink jacquard; pearl decorated evening bag. Color in #4

#894 - Blue two piece suit has jacket with two large covered buttons, three-quarter sleeves, straight skirt; nylon blouse; purple flowered or matching blue pillbox hat; nylons and elastic-strap heels.

#895 - Yellow linen sheath dress; matching coat with three-quarter sleeves; yellow tulle pillbox hat; pearl drop earrings; elastic-strap heels. Color in #5, #6 and #7

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Copyright 1999-2007 by Zendelle Bouchard.

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