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This website grew out of the Fashionable Ladies site I started in 1997. Boy, the web was a whole lot simpler then! That site was devoted to the glamour dolls of the 1950s such as Madame Alexander’s Cissy and Ideal’s Revlon Doll. As my interests expanded, so did the site, and in 2006 it became VintageDollCollector.com. My goal is simply to document as many 20th century dolls and their outfits as possible. I focus on the dolls that children played with from the 1930s through the 1970s, but you will find dolls from earlier and later years, as well as some artist and “collector” dolls here too.

I am an antique dealer with interests in history, homesteading and sewing. I live in southern Maine with my husband and two cats. I am an active member of the United Federation of Doll Clubs.

Comments on the site have been disabled because it’s impossible to answer ID questions without a photo. If you have a doll that you need to identify, post a photo or two on my Facebook page It’s better to post to the page rather than sending me a message – that way other collectors can see it too. I don’t know everything! If you are looking to find out your doll’s value, read this post: How Much Is My Doll Worth?

Thank you for stopping by and happy dolling!

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  1. Hi there.
    I have an old wooden african american doll that reads Reliable made in canada on the back of her neck. I have been searching to find how old she is and her value. Can you possible help me out or lead me in the right direction? It would be greatly appreciated.

    Best regards
    Jodi St.Thomas

    • Hi Jodi,
      your doll is very likely not made of wood, but composition, which is a mixture of sawdust and glue and other ingredients poured into a mold and then baked. It does resemble wood because of the sawdust. Reliable began making dolls in 1920 and was still making composition dolls in the early ’50s, before switching over to hard plastic and vinyl. Most of their black dolls were named Topsy. Reliable dolls are not particularly valuable, so unless she is in mint condition, her value would probably be $20-$40. Thanks for writing!

    • Great information. Thank you! I am also looking for information on vintage cissy’s yellow long evening gown with rose bouquet.

      Also, lilac skirt with striped blouse cissy vintage. I will be listing these on ebay soon for a local estate. Thank you again. Regards, katharine

  2. My name is Paige and I have a Madame Alexander doll that I’m having a hard time identifying. The lady I bought her from says her name is Elise. I read the information you had about the Elise doll but my doll is different from the pictures. She has dark brown hair with matching eyes, a crème colored tutu with red flowers, stockings, ballet shoes and a black choker. If you can help me with finding out her true identity I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you!

  3. I collect vintage Monica dolls and am looking for other collectors. I am trying to find out what sort of clothing the dolls were sold in. Any help will be appreciated.

  4. i bot a vintage doll it has a stamp on hur neck of a rabbit whats the company that made my doll

  5. Hello, i have a 36 inch black doll with AE3651 on the back of her neck shes one the most beautiful dolls iv’e ever seen .I have seen pictures of this doll with my dad at the age of two.how do i find out how old she is and her worth.

    • The AE mark was used by several different companies, who purchased parts from Artistic Doll Co. / Eastern Doll Corp., a plastics manufacturer in New York City. They made a lot of high-heeled glamour dolls, but also the large “companion dolls” like yours. The first companion doll was Ideal’s Patti Playpal, who came out in 1959; many knockoffs followed. Your doll probably dates to the 1960s. Black companion dolls are much harder to come by than the white versions. A doll like yours, with the same marking, in very good condition, sold on eBay a few months ago for $100.

  6. i got this doll in 1974 itd from EEGEE Co. on the back it has the the year 1973 not sure what kind of doll is it her eyes move u can turn her head its made out of rubber it has number pat i been looking to see if i can find just like it mine has brown hair my sis had one black hair she dont have hers i still got mine i wonder if you can help me

  7. I have a MME Alexander Elise ballerina from the late 1950’s or early 1960’s I would like to have refurbished for my grandaughter. How do I find someone realiable to do this for me?

  8. Hi, I just got a doll that was made around 1987 by Galoob brand new and still in the box, that talks with a cassette and his mouth lights up. His name is Dozzzy. I have tried to look him up and have not found much about his except that he is always listed as rare or ultra rare. I was wondering if you have any idea of the value of this doll. Like I said, he is all there and in his original box in original condition. If you do know the value, would you also know any collector that is looking for this boy? Thank you so much for this site :) Taja S

    • There are two versions of Dozzzy, one is a little boy and the other is a Teddy Bear. The bear version seems to be more common. I could not find a little boy doll with the original box that has sold, but one that sold last year without a box, went for $120. I don’t know anyone looking for this doll but I’m sure they are. If you post him on eBay you will certainly find a buyer, as he is definitely hard to come by. Thanks for writing!

    • I would love to purchase this doll, I had one but lost the box in the inside. They are amazing. Looking for one for a child. If anyone would sell one let me know.

  9. I have a doll from my grandmother’s collection that has absolutely no markings on her. She is just under 15″ tall, has thick light brown rooted hair. Has blue eyes that open and close. Most of her body is hard plastic but her arms and head are soft (maybe vinyl). He wears long red boots, a short red dress, white undies, a black vinyl coat with white fur trim and a belt, and a white fur hat (Russian style). Any ideas what she could be?

  10. Hi! I have a hard plastic doll with EEGEE 14-K 22 on back of head. I’m not sure of the approximate age or value and was curious. She has sleep eyes that open & close when you tilt her. She’s dressed in a yellow top, shorts, & bonnet that have lace trimming. Any ideas on her value and age would be appreciated! Thanks! Gina

    • Gina, it’s very difficult to identify a doll by the markings. I would need to see her. Check your email and attach pics to your reply and I’ll see what I can do.

  11. I have exactly the same Dee & Cee doll than this one who is currently being for sale on eBay. I was four when I received it as a X-Mas gift and I am now 58! Would you know what her doll name was? I have no idea and would appreciate knowing it.


    Thank you for such an interesting site

    Ginette Lemay

  12. I have a 1959 Effanbee Combination set.Bassinet with bedding hood cover My Fair baby doll and Mary Jane 30″ Big Sister doll wearing a matching dress to the bassinet..Nearly complete. For years I have been searching the internet for the Bassinet skirt….If anyone knows where I can find this pink and white gingham skirt trimmed in a wide lace with two long gingham ties at one end I would be most grateful…Please feel free to email me if you have any information……..Thank you

  13. i came across 6 older dolls a few years ago and i have hung on to them ever since but now i am trying to do research on these dolls because i have know idea what dolls they are. the first clue i had was a heart shaped stand that ive come to find may mean ginny dolls. but looking at many pictures, 2 of them look to be possibly dolls right before the ginny dolls came out and 2 look like they could be part of the ginny collection. but the other two i have know idea. i have pictures i could send you. let me know if you can help. thank you!

    • Meaghan, the first step in identifying dolls is to see if there are any marks on them – which would be on their backs, or the backs of their head below the hairline. Ginny dolls are always marked. Several companies used heart shaped stands, and they were also sold separately by Grant Plastics and others. Also, unless the doll is in its original box, you have no way to knowing whether the stand came with the doll or not.
      Check your email and attach pics to your reply, and I will try to help you out.

  14. I have a 36 inch plastic reliable doll with brown hair and blue eyes with white ribbon headband. I can’t find her in any of the doll sites I’ve checked. If I send you a photo, could you help me identify her. Thanks.

    • Janet, if your doll is marked Reliable, she is either Saucy Walker or Mary Anne, who were both made in 1961. They are the same doll, and have straight hair and bangs. Mary Anne was reissued a few years later with curly hair. If she is not marked, but you know she was made by Reliable, she might be Patty Sue Playmate, who came out in 1960. All these dolls (and many others, by various companies) were knockoffs of Ideal’s popular Patti Playpal doll.

  15. Hello, i was at an antique store yesterday, because I am a doll collector as well. There was a doll i came across that looked so familiar but i couldn’t remember who she was. I don’t have a picture of her is the only thing, since I did not end up buying her. But if you know by the description i might get her! I’m guessing she’s from the 60s. She short of reminded me of patty play pal. Only because she had the exact same hair style but it was blonde. she has movable legs and arms (like where her knees and elbows move) she was in a red plaid dress, and had sleep blue eyes. she was a decent size, not as big as patty play pal, but larger than your average doll. she also had a voice box and speaker in her stomach so I’m guessing she talks! Thank you for your help. :)

    • Sorry, that doesn’t really narrow it down enough to ring a bell. Any chance you could get a picture? If you can, try to get a picture of her face.

  16. Hello! I’m trying to find out about the value of a 36″ Alexander 1959 light brown hair beautiful doll that I recently bought. I’ve looked on the internet for similar pictures but can’t find one yet. Her face, body, legs, are all tan (match). Well taken care of. Please give me some direction. I am not a doll collector, but I am interested in this doll’s background.

    • Julie, it sounds like your doll might be Joanie. The values on Joanie, as well as most other Alexander dolls, are closely tied to condition. Mint condition dolls can sell for a lot of money, but dolls that have been overly loved may be very inexpensive. What concerns me is that you describe her as being “tan.” Joanie is not supposed to have a tan, so does that mean that she has been exposed to heavy cigarette smoke or something that has discolored her? Take a look at these Joanies on eBay and you can compare your doll to these that have sold recently. Post again if you think she is not Joanie, but a different doll.

  17. Thank you for your response. I looked at the dolls on ebay. My doll’s mouth is more serious. I’d like to send you a picture. She doesn’t smell like cigarette smoke at all not in hair, body or clothing. She looks redressed. Maybe someone made her clothes. However, a slip is sewn into her dress. I just haven’t seen one like it. It looks like someone let the hem out, She wears tights and 36″ walker (white) doll shoes.Her body is in very good shape. Hair looks great. Her right eye shows a thin line of eyelid at times. But if you touch it, it goes back into place. Joanie’s face and hair is different. This doll has a part in the middle.There is a small mark under her jaw on one side. The back of her neck reads ALEXANDER 36 shaped in an arc with 1959 centered under the arc. Thanks for trying to help me.

    • If your doll has the more serious expression, she is probably Janie. Here is one on eBay.
      Large companion dolls like Joanie, Janie and the Playpal dolls by Ideal, were designed to be able to wear real children’s clothing, so they are usually found redressed.

  18. I have a 25 1/2 inch reliable doll with short brown curly hair. She has black vinyl shoes that are stamped reliable too. She was dressed in a Czeck costume., that has since disappeared.
    Did you have an ethnic line? or was she dressed by someone.
    can you tell me about her?
    Thank You.

    • Pat, Reliable did not make dolls that size dressed in international costumes, so she must have been redressed. If you can go to my Facebook page and post a picture, I might be able to identify her. A closeup of her face would be best.

  19. I purchased a large lot of 1960s Barbie/Clones and accessories. I’ve identified everyone except for one doll head that was mixed in with the others. The back of her neck reads “U.D. Co.” and then “Hong Kong” below it. I would guess she was made to compete with Barbie. She has long blonde hair. Can anyone help? Does U.D. Co stand for Uneeda Doll Company? Thanks.

  20. Thanks so much for the info and link! I found her – she’s Miki.

    Thanks again!

  21. I found this doll, she has a red dress, white pantyhose and shoes. Long brown hair with bangs, eyes that open and close I think they’re brown. She has a slight grin. She’s tall, like life-size, about2 1/2 feet. The lady said she thought she was a Patty Playmate, but I don’t think so. The back of her neck reads Alenander 1953, but I cannot find her anywhere.

  22. I have a doll I got in the fifties with 3 faces which I have identified as an Ideal Trilby doll. This wonderful doll has stayed in my possession all these year, and who has developed her own unique personality through hours of play with my children and me. I would love to find a sister for her. Would you happen to know of any that are for sale?

    • Trilby is a hard to find doll. There was one that sold on ebay last month but nothing now. I would suggest doing a search on eBay and also on RubyLane and then saving your search so that they will email you when one is listed. If you are patient one will come along. Thanks for writing.

    • did you ever find the Ideal Trilby doll you were looking for that has the 3 faces? I just found one in my mothers closet while cleaning out her house. I have no idea what it is worth – would you know?

  23. Need some help folks. Trying to re-connect with my 34 yr old daughter. She was born in 1978, Chicago, Illinois. The doll had to be from the late 70’s-to early 80’s. My daughter Erin, had a small rag, cloth doll, there where a series of them, each one had a different name, her’s was “Monchachew”? (spelling?) Not a Cabbage patch or Strawberry patch, (I don’t think). Anyone know what these where, who made them and If I can find my way back to my daughter with Monchachew and her other friend Blackie, the cat? (Her first written story.) Sure would mean a lot! Thanks

  24. I’am pretty sure I have a Eegee (goldberger) their mama doll,she has EG on her upper leg,her eyes open and close,her upper teeth also move she also has some kind of box inside her. Her arms have what looks like crack lines,the legs look plastic and her body material of some kind and her hair is in pretty bad shape.i don’t know anything about dolls got this one when my grandfather past away last year and went back to Minnesota to clean the house out,he hadn’t move one thing of my grandmothers when she past 25 yrs before. Curious of her value and if I should invest in repair for her?

    • Julie, manufacturers usually mark a doll on the back of the head, not on their legs, so I’m not sure what kind of marking that might be. But in any case, the “crack lines” you mention indicate to me that the doll is made of composition, or at least the head and limbs are. Restoring the composition would involve filling in the cracks, sanding and repainting. Generally this type of restoration costs more than the doll’s monetary value – so if your plan is to sell her, it wouldn’t be worth it. However, if the doll has sentimental value, it might be worth it to you. Only you can make that decision. If you want to keep her but don’t want to spend a lot of money, you might also consider just getting her a new wig to spruce her up a bit and leaving the composition as it is. As she is, she is probably not worth more than $20, but it’s hard to say without seeing her.

  25. I have one of the first Sonja Henie bride doll. I was wondering what she could be worth?

  26. I have a betty jane carter limited edition musical porcelain doll her name is Catherine i was wondering what she is worth.

  27. I am trying to find a doll that I had as a little girl. This would be approximately 1988 or so (perhaps earlier), and I am unsure of the make of the doll. I also do not remember the doll’s name……she was shorter than Barbie, and vinyl or rubber material. She was a fashion doll type of doll, had long reddish brown hair and came only in a bathing suit. I believe the bathing suit was orange and white or red, white and orange. She also had orange snorkeling gear (flippers, and mask with snorkel, I believe). I think she was Mattel but perhaps not. For some reason the name “Stacey” or “Tracey” is in my mind. She looked more like the Fleur dolls than a Barbie. I know I’m not giving good information here. I’m doing this all from memory……if anyone knows what this doll could be, please let me know. It means a lot to me. Thank you.

    • Jodi, Mattel has used the Stacey/Stacie and Tracy names a few times over the years for family and friends. The first few versions of Stacey and Tracy were the same size as Barbie, and too early to have been your doll. In 1989, they introduced a new cousin for Barbie, named Jazzie, who was an inch or two shorter, and she had a friend named Stacie, but that doll has brunette hair. In 1992 they introduced a much smaller little sister named Stacie for Barbie, but she is a blonde. She does resemble Fleur a little with her big eyes. I don’t know of any vintage Mattel doll that came with snorkeling gear, but Mattel has sold snorkeling accessories for years as part outfit and accessory paks.
      Apart from Mattel, I know that Hasbro made a Sindy doll in the late ’80s and early ’90s, who at one point came with snorkeling gear. I think she is the same size as Barbie but am not positive. She does have the big-eyed look too. Check out these dolls on eBay and see what you think – could it be her?

  28. I just bought a doll that was tagged as a 1952 wet doll. She is very hard plastic. There are no markings, like part number or manufacturer. She looks just like the tiny tears doll but without the tear ducts. I was curious to know who manufactured this doll and if 1952 is an accurate year. I wish I could attach a picture. Thanks for any help!

  29. I have read articles about there having been a 25″ Revlon doll. Do you or anyone subscribed to this site have a picture of one they would share.

  30. I have a Jack and Jill doll set that I got over 30 years ago from my grandmother. I was told they were antiques but I can’t find anything about them anywhere. Can you help me or have somebody who can??? I would really appreciate it..

  31. Hi and mani thanks for dolling You offered me.
    I don’t want to disturb You , I would like to know if You know about links from italian Migliorati doll to US Herman Pecker ( made in japan or Hong Kong) dolls.I mean some dolls were exactly the same ( except from plastic quality, haïr rooting).
    I try to understand if it was copy or clone, if there were commercial accords between différents doll makers ). One of those doll as been offered by Cheer Proctor and Gamble détergent ( actually on eBay Us number 151089321088) , same doll except clothes from Herman Pecker ( actually on eBay 151346284140) and also kown as an italian Migliorati doll.
    hope You understand my English . Wishing from tour answer .

    • Hi Clotilde, sorry I have no information at all on Herman Pecker dolls or Migliorati dolls. But one clue might be in the size of the dolls. If two dolls that look identical were made from the same molds, they would be exactly the same size. This would tend to indicate a commercial relationship between the two companies – they sold them the molds or gave them license to use them. If one doll is slightly smaller than the other, that could indicate that a mold for the second doll was made from the first doll – which would imply that the doll was copied or cloned. This is because vinyl shrinks a little bit in the molding process. Of course, this is not exactly scientific, but it is a possible clue. Thanks for your question – and your English is very good, much better than my French!

  32. Hi !
    many thanks for your amswer, so nice of you !

    the head of this doll is most offten on a rotula ,. about 9 inches high.
    Since my last message to you , I learned that it as been made in Est Germany too …
    It’s a real. globe trotter !

    Many thanks for sharing !

  33. I am have an 18″ antique celluloid doll. She needs restringing. Acquired her at an estate sale of a woman originally from Sweden. The marking on the back are a triangle with a sunburst and the initials S.M. inside. Also marked 18″ on her back. Can’t find any information on the maker?

    • There were no manufacturers of celluloid dolls in Sweden to my knowledge. There were many makers in Germany but they are not all well documented. Antique celluloid dolls were also made by several American firms, but their marks are pretty well known. Many Japanese firms also made these dolls, but they are usually marked Japan. The book I have “Celluloid Dolls, Toys & Playthings” by Julie Pelletier Robinson, has nothing on that marking. Can you post a photo on my Facebook page?

  34. I have a doll in original package with tags that say 1285 made exclusively for Herman & Pecker co inc New York NY. All new materials Hong Kong. She has blonde hair blue eyes yellow dress yellow socks and shoes. Do you know anything about this doll

  35. I have a collection of dolls mostly from the 1950’s. Terri Lees, Madame Alexander, Ginny’s, Storybook, etc. plus lots I haven’t identified. I would like to sell this collection. I live in Northern California in the Bay Area, and was wondering if you know of any dealers in my area that would be interested in purchasing the whole collection. I haven’t counted, but there are probably in the neighborhood of 300 dolls.

    • Hi, I am on the opposite side of the country so not familiar with dealers out your way. Your best bet would be to attend a doll show in that area and talk to the dealers there. You can find doll shows here.

  36. Hello! I hope you can give me some help! I want to surprise my sister and have her favorite doll fixed up for her. I think she is from the very late 50’s. 14″ tall. She had very short, curly hair (the wig was removed), little stud earrings. The base her hair has ALEX. Does thins mean she was a Madame Alexander? Her eyes open and close. Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks!!

    • Yes, she is a Madame Alexander doll. Alexander runs a doll hospital, but they are not accepting submissions at this time. But try the Doll Doctor’s Association (see the Links page). I’m sure somebody listed there will be able to help. What a great gift for your sister!

  37. I have a doll that has EEGEE and 13HX on the back of her neck. She has dark brown hair, blue eyes and is made of vinyl, I think. About 13″. Does anyone know her name, date of mfg? Probably 1950s.

  38. i have a doll never taken ou of box has on pink dress and beaded pink pearls handbag and pearls around neck she is box and all close to 3 ft.tall with graphic background it says at bottom of box1957 Premier corp. Newark NJ could you maybe tell me a rough guess value can send picture

  39. I am trying to find out information on my Golden Books fairy tale dolls from the 1950s that are hard plastic many have a tag Vogue in them. I would like to sell my collection but unsure of values. I also have a small howdy doody doll and a few others that I am not sure of maker but all from the 1950s era. I have a barbie doll too that I would like to sell. Thanks for any information. I am in Phoenix, AZ.

  40. Hi there, I was searching for a doll I found at an antique store and you had it posted on the site. It’s a little boy with green sleep eyes, he has a marking with a circle f, on your thread you said you had never seen one like that before. I was hoping since then maybe you had found out who makes him? He looks similar to effanbee but I’m not sure. Let me know! Thank you!

    • No, I have not found out who he is, but I strongly suspect he was made in Canada, because he closely resembles dolls by two Canadian companies, Earle Pullan and Reliable. Effanbee did make a large vinyl molded hair boy doll, Rusty, in 1955, but he has a very different face and hair to the Canadian dolls and the Circle F bridegroom. So he is still a mystery man!

  41. I have a Horsman doll labeled B20 which came with a rolling metal bassinet, blanket, pillow, and drape over the bassinet. It has not been played with. Could you give me any information on this doll since I am considering selling it. Thank you.


  42. Hi,
    I am wondering if your dolls are for sale. I am interested in two of them, and want to know how to buy them. Please let me know.

    Thank you,

    • No, most of the dolls on the site are not for sale. In most cases I don’t even own them, or did but sold them long ago. If you go to the Dolls For Sale page you can get to my eBay and Etsy listings of stuff that is for sale.

  43. We found a “Sweet Sue” teenage dolls in the bottom part of a doll box from Dee and Cee Toy Company. The doll belonged to my Mother-in-law who passed away 1 1/2 years ago. She apparently got the doll as a gift from her Aunt when she was approximately 5 which would have been about 1936. We would love to find out more information about the doll and company. She has blonde hair, blue eyes, blue lave dress, matching sandals, earrings and a necklace with a “fur” shawl too that has a pink flower. If you have any information about this doll please e-mail; we would love to have any information. Thank you

    • See more about Sweet Sue Teenage Doll Here: http://www.vintagedollcollector.com/dandc/ssteen.html

      Sweet Sue Teenage Doll was made in 1959 and possibly other years. She came in a variety of fancy dresses, some with faux fur stoles like yours. The company was in business in Toronto for 24 years. Like other Canadian manufacturers they licensed many of their dolls from American companies but made their own products as well. They were bought out by Mattel in 1962 who soon stopped production in Canada and began importing the dolls from other countries.

  44. Hello! My mom bought me a beautiful 20″ Cissy on sale around 1959. I finished high school that year. Cissy sat on my bed in her chartreuse nylon garden party dress. Recently I sprang for some clothes for her on eBay. Old man said his wife died. Clothes were good value except snug on my doll! Now she’s really pouting and I’ll have to move the snaps! Do you know if the modern Cissy was a bit “barbified” to have slimmer neck, waist and wrists? I sew and have some of the 1950’s Cissy patterns. I know there were patterns for the modern Cissy as well. These little clothes seem well made. . . I don’t know who else to ask. Thank you! Mimi in Tahoe

    • Hi Mimi,
      I don’t really understand what you are asking. Are the clothes you bought on eBay tagged Cissy clothes, or homemade? Are they newly made or vintage? How did he represent them? I don’t think Cissy’s body was changed, but I have never owned one of the modern ones, so can’t say for sure. Alexander made clothing is almost always tagged, whether it’s vintage or newer. In my experience the vintage patterns make up to be very loose on the dolls, you have to do a lot of adjusting for a good fit. You can post pictures on my Facebook page if that helps.

  45. Hi! I’m hoping you can help me. My mother-in-law passed away in 2013; while going through her belongings we found a “Sweet Sue Teenage Doll” made by Cee & Dee Manufacturing Toy Company out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The doll is in the bottom portion of the original box. She has blond hair, blue eye, blue lace dress and fur shawl; together with sandals, necklace and earrings. From information I have been able to gather so far Mattel bought Cee & Dee in 1962. My father-in-law remembers being told by my mother-in-law that she was 5 or 6 when her “rich aunt” bought the doll for her. So that would have been in 1936 or 1937. We live in the Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada area and thought that if you couldn’t give me any information on the doll itself and maybe you would know where I should look in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada for a collector or dealer what would be able to help me.

  46. I have a black doll – I think it is a composition doll – that was my mom’s. She was born in 1927. I don’t know if he belonged to someone before her. He is about 10″ tall has blue chambray overalls with straps that cross in back.and a red gingham short sleeved shirt. I have not taken his clothes off to see if there are any markings to identify a manufacturer. He is in very good condition. Can you tell me anything about him and his value. I can send a picture

  47. I have a 1976 suzy homemaker doll house and it is still in the box. I have had a hard time finding out any information on this doll house, I would like to insure it but I don’t know what it worth. I have contacted several appraisers, but have been told it is not old enough to appraise. I cannot find any information about it thought maybe somebody on this site could help.

    • The only one I could find sold two years ago on eBay for $37.99 plus shipping. It was still in the box, never put together. Looks like a cool toy but often times collectors steer clear of large items like dollhouses because they don’t have the room. Doll carriages, even antique ones, usually sell for very little for the same reason.

  48. I have a 1957 Madame Alexander Cissy doll in her original clothes–red dress and white blouse with red polka dots, hat, red shoes, with ring on her finger. I have been trying to find her value but have had no luck. Could you give me any information on the value of this doll, which is in excellent condition, or where I might find such information?

  49. I have a Cissy doll from around 1956. She is brunette with a red sateen dress and a white netted pillbox hat. My mom was an excellent seamstress and made a few outfits for her, including a terrific wedding dress with hooped petticoat and a veil. I also have two Ginny dolls and she made clothes for them too. All three dolls and their outfits are in very good condition and I would like to make sure someone gets them who can really appreciate them. Do you have any idea of their value? Should I send pictures or should I try to find a doll dealer?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Jane, I don’t follow the values of Cissy and Ginny very closely – your best bet is to look at completed listings on eBay to see what similar dolls have sold for. Generally the handmade outfits don’t have much value – collectors want the factory made stuff.

  50. Hi I was cleaning out my attic and found clothes for the 1970’s doll Aimee they are in original boxes but cellophane is off boxes, also found wig boxes with the wigs for the doll in them. Looking to sell these if there is a market for it.
    Thank you,